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EIL framework is an Open Source software implementation for creation of Energy Input Labels.


Jure's known issues

  • Bug: Items defined in multiple databases both count, rather than only counting the most local info [done]
  • Make it usable in a multi-user environment [planned]
  • Make it also manage seperate entries and seperate organizations, all linked [planned]
  • DPI set to default 90 by 90 [planned, to be discussed]

Raffael's suggestions

  • Include the possibility to name the process and store it for later retrieval, revision and statistics (which should eventually of course be automated). I'd suggest that a form of label (which is somehow including a data file or has an external data file somehow linked to it) which can be "opened" to see exactly what kind of appliances have been used. [done]
  • Always include the assumed Watts in brackets so people know what they are dealing with. [done]
  • Offer an easy way to include a new item to the list and store it for later. Once I know what the appliances I am frequently using consume, I can quickly calculate the Energy Input. [done]
  • In case many more devices will eventually be added, it would be a good idea to have a way to group the type of appliances (e.g. "lightning", "electronics" ). [planned in second itteration]
  • Include a fancy printing mode which sorts and lists all devices used in a user-friendly manner. [preliminary work done, improved design pending]
  • Add the option to only print the label (with the option to include the name and duration of the process). [preliminary work done, inclusion in label pending design]
  • Design a fancy-looking EIL so you can look cool from both the energy usage and style perspective. They could also feature design elements which transmit important information quickly (e.g. red color for an energy-intensive label, though of course it is difficult to classify the categories for different kinds of work / it could also be done in absolute terms [e.g. 50000+MJ -> red]). [example done, actual design pending]
  • Add these labels to websites (for the maintenance of servers and the EI of the work required to design, maintain and update the site and the content itself) - this would greatly increase the visibility of the EIL. However, this would also require an easy way to add more energy input to an existing label. We might even add the label to the Wiki pages (while they are actually being worked on, e.g. the Beginners/FAQ page could have an EIL which cumulatively becomes bigger as more work goes into the document). [planned, to be discussed]
  • Account for fluctuations in the energy usage of certain appliances (e.g. computers with energy-saving capabilities). Unless this is about huge amounts of energy, it should probably be done by offering a lower average (e.g. the Advanced Computer option already existing). [planned in future itterations]
  • For fun: Take some interesting real world examples (e.g. space shuttle launch) and indicate the relationship to the current calculation (e.g. "You used 0.0005% of the amount of energy required to launch a space shuttle" ). It might be useful to make the comparison with smaller examples, I for one have no clue what else I could have done with the energy spent on lightning during one night in terms of absolute energy usage. [planned, to be discussed]
  • Problem: a whole page for a single EIL to be a waste of paper [planned]

Mark's suggestions

  • Rename "Utility" to "Resource" [done]


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